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Lunch Cafe

The Perfect Lunch Cafe

Going to a lunch café is a terrific way to unwind with a few friends, catch up on some lost time, or enjoy a relaxing lunch by yourself. It’s important to choose a suitable spot so that you're not left feeling disappointed with your experience.

Dine-in or takeaway at our Retro- Industrial chic cafe. Indulge your sences with Spanish and Portuguese classic dishes and Mebourne great coffee

When Looking for a Licensed Café, Consider This

A licensed café will ensure you get the best possible experience out of your dining - plus delicious wines and cocktails. Here’s why you should choose a Lola Café for your next lunch date:

  • Our licensed café offers you an opportunity to enjoy more than just the delicious food available on our menu. Since we are fully licensed, you can enjoy a relaxing glass of wine with your next meal or have a few cocktails with friends while you catch up. Whatever your preferred drink is, we have it. If you're not big on drinking, we have delectable alcohol-free and coffee options too.

  • We are fully-licensed and since we have a Spanish-inspired menu, there are loads of dishes that can be paired with just about every wine we offer. This pairing can truly bring out the Mediterranean spices of the dishes and compliment the flavours. Enjoy traditional dishes including Spanish Vegetarian Pisto, Spanish Chicken Chilindron and Bacalao Croquetas or more global choices including burgers, toasted sandwiches and standard breakfasts.


If you have more of a sweet tooth, we have some baked goodies for you to try. We stock handmade treats for you to indulge in, paired with a warm cup of coffee. If you're a vegetarian, you'll be pleased to know that we have meat-free options too, for example, French toast with Pedro Ximénez–soaked berries!


As a licensed eatery, we offer everything you're looking for in a 'one-spot' restaurant.

What Sets Lola Café Apart When it Comes to Licensed Eateries

Lola Café in Seddon Village offers more than just delicious food and impeccable customer service. Here’s how we can provide you with an unforgettable dining experience:


  • As mentioned earlier, quality ingredients form the base of all our offerings. We source only the freshest quality ingredients for our dishes so that you can savour delectable, quality meals.

  • We know that the environment you're in plays a part in the overall experience too. Our café offers outstanding décor that's sure to leave an impression on you and keep you coming back for more. Our Spanish-themed café is brought alive with a striking mural and other distinctive décor.

  • Our staff are both friendly and helpful; ready to assist you with whatever queries or specific requests you may have with your dish.


We ensure that we provide an unforgettable dining experience for all our patrons both young and old.

one of best cafe in seddon


Lola Café in the heart of Seddon is a local café that offers more than just flavoursome food; it offers an unforgettable experience. Don't delay - give us a call to make a booking today Our kitchen is waiting!


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