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Coffee Seddon

A Great View and the Best Coffee in Seddon

Lola Café in the heart of Seddon is a retro-industrial chic café with a vibrant atmosphere and a great view of Seddon. Come and enjoy the best coffee in Seddon while you indulge your senses with a classic Spanish or Portuguese meal and the excellent company of your friends and family. Whether you dine-in or want to grab a takeaway coffee, you will feel pampered by the quality of our food and the great coffee. Come and order a coffee at our coffee café, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

Dine-in or takeaway at our Retro- Industrial chic cafe. Indulge your sences with Spanish and Portuguese classic dishes and Mebourne great coffee

More than Just Coffee

Roasted seeds of coffee berries, brewed to perfection, is certainly rewarding when enjoyed amongst friends and family at the vibrant Lola Café in Seddon. Whether you take it with a dollop of cream and a cube or two of sugar or perhaps with a sprinkle of chocolate, at Lola’s, your tastebuds will love the indulgence. There are so many types of coffee to choose from, so let’s talk about a few here. You might just be inspired to switch up your café order.

  • A Macchiato is a shot of espresso stained with milk. In Italian, macchiato means “spotted” or “stained”, so a Macchiato is a shot of espresso with just a touch of steamed milk or foam.

  • With its roots in Australia and New Zealand, the Flat White is espresso with steamed milk, where the espresso ratio to milk is higher. If we fold the milk while it steams, the texture is more velvety.

  • e with a shot of espresso.A Red Eye is perfect for that extra caffeine boost. It is a two-in-one drink of coffe

For our friends that have a bit of a sweet tooth, the Mocha Latté has a twist of chocolate to satisfy the sugar craving. The Americano is perfect if you like it strong and black.


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If you can’t imagine life without coffee, then Lola Café is at the rescue. You won’t have to endure a single day without your favourite cup of coffee. Even if you don’t have time to come in for your favourite drink or meal, you can order online and swing by to pick it up on your way to the office

At Lola Café, we love rewards! We don’t just want to reward your tastebuds with great food and coffee with the excellent company of friends and family in our friendly, vibrant café. Our rewards-offering extends to a well-deserved holiday. Lola’s Loyalty will reward you with a 3-night holiday accommodation voucher in 20+ unique destinations. How it works:

  • Come for a meal and a great coffee and drinks at Lola Café Seddon between 07h00 and 15h00 on a weekday with your friends and family, and you will earn one holiday point for every $50 you spend at your table. You can donate the earning to one person or share points among your guests on a shared bill.

  • Every seven holiday points earned equals one 3-night accommodation voucher at a destination of your choice from our approved selection.

  • You must register for our Holiday Rewards Programme, and take note that the voucher is for accommodation only and excludes travel.

Did you know that besides the ability to provide an energy boost, coffee also reduces the risk of liver cancer, type-2 diabetes and heart failure? If this wasn’t enough reasons for you to visit regularly and build on those holiday reward points. We also provide all our customers with a loyalty coffee card, to provide our customers with even more rewards. Buy 9 coffees and you will get your tenth one free!

Lola’s Loyalty

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Visit Lola Café for a classic Spanish or Portuguese meal that you can enjoy with a great coffee and a fantastic view of Seddon. You can dine-in or order online for takeaway to collect.


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